Reel to Reel Systems

Our different models of automatic Label Counters are born to count the labels on a roll, to rewind and unwind the labels on one machine, to rewind the labels onto different core sizes, to rewind small rolls of labels from a larger one and also to rewind small rolls with a preset number of labels from a larger roll.

Label counter / Small reel to reel

Automatic Label Counters Series can handle labels up to 5" (127mm) wide and it can rewind and unwind rolls of labels with diameter up to 10" (250mm). It has a speed of 120 rpm and adjustable core holders from 1.57" (40mm) up to 4.64" (118mm).
Automatic Label Counters Series is available in many different versions and every model is marked by its own code.

The small reel to reel is able to rewind your rolls of label with option "label face in" or "label face out".

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